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Zender 02

With a colour, a line, small details that hide a huge potential, that of imparting uniqueness, character and style.

Like a beautiful dress, which at first glance may seem simple but which when worn transforms the figure into a harmonious and perfect whole.

Like music, whose symphonies echo in our ears; allowing us to perceive beauty.

So also design transforms any car into a precious object.

A serially manufactured car, designed for many, becomes an expression of a lifestyle, of a different way of experiencing the road.

Zender transforms design for cars into passion for elegance on four wheels.

Since 1969 Zender has been providing the dream of owning a car that mirrors the personality of its driver

In the sixties, the details that transformed the cars were mostly related to the world of sport: sport seats, spoilers and wheel arch enlargements.
At the end of the decade, Hans-Albert Zender transformed his passion for Motor Sport into something magnificent, for all those passionate about sports cars.