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Just as a composer signs his scores, which are unique and immediately recognisable, so Zender has put its signature on the most popular car ever, the Fiat 500 Abarth.

An attractive design, for a car that has long been synonymous with personality.

A car with a strong and resolute character, able to transform sports driving into a pleasure for those who get behind the wheel.

Elegant interiors, numerous small details, in the search for pure harmony.

Figure-hugging seats and visible stitching also on the dashboard provide quality and style to a car that already on the outside looks like a jewel of aerodynamics and power.


A proud front, with air vents and integrated LED daytime running lights, the chrome features of the hood and a large rear venturi with integrated dual exhaust pipe, are the frame for the 18-inch alloy wheels.


Charm and audacity for the 500 Abarth, a small car in size but with an amazing performance. Unmistakable on the road, a standard for those who love design par excellence.